Letchworth Arts Forum

Letchworth Arts Forum promotes the arts and their opportunities within Letchworth Garden City and its environs, with the aim of bringing like-minded people together to share their skills, appreciation, knowledge and facilities. They would like to discover more about the local arts scene by creating a directory of artists, performers, organisations and cultural enthusiasts, together with venues which may be able to accommodate arts activities.

They will also hold information regarding upcoming and proposed arts events which can be shared in order to avoid clashes and promote co-operation.

Visit our new Facebook page to find out more about the arts scene in Letchworth. You can search for art-related clubs and events using this page: http://www.letchworthgc.com/whats_on

Local creative practitioners may also like to join the Arts Forum Community Group on Facebook, which is intended for groups and individuals to share and collaborate on events taking place around the town. You can ask to join the group here

If you would like to join or find out more please email arts.forum@letchworth.com

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